Thursday, 10 May 2012

A little place I call home

I want to start this blog off by telling you about my childhood home. Afterall this is where my passion for interior design and painting furniure came from. My mother once travelled to London to go on a painting course with Jocasta Innes, a then very popular furniture & home stylist. After that there was no stopping her, every piece of wood in our house got a visit from the paint brush and she perfected the art in no time. She took a stall in a local craft and gift centre to display and sell her pieces which took off and she gained quite a few commissions,it was a small town and the trend in London takes along time to dwindle its way to a small market town in the north west....if ever. My main memory of my mum from my childhood hood is with a paint brush in her hand and as a result, a family home that I just adore. Going there to visit is like a break away to the only other person who has a house like mine, or actually, I have a house like theres. I learnt from the best.

And now 28 years later I find myself, after living in London for 5 years, now living on the outskirts in a small village with a husband and a little baby. In a lovely house that is a great project to flex my painting skills on.

Keep checking back to see where my paint brush takes me.

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